Login to iCloudFIS on your smartphone or tablet and click Let’s Go.

Select the inspection you’ll be performing and confirm the site, building, and floor where it occurs.

Inspection tasks are displayed as icons on your floor plan and also under tabs for Not Inspected and Inspected.

Pinch to zoom in on an Area-of-Inspection to see how many checklists are available to complete, or you can click it from the list.

Tap on the Area-of-Inspection to view its checklists of items to inspect.

Report an item’s status by selecting one of the status buttons.

The attachments sections sometimes contains reference items such as instructions, spec sheets, or warranty details.

The notes section is where you provide details of the item’s condition or needs. You can add text, photos, and videos.

You can draw attention to a specific area of your photo with the pencil icon.

You can switch from still images to video by clicking the camera icon inside your camera screen.

Notes, photos, and videos, and the item’s location on a floor plan are shared with managers and maintenance responders.

You can also send a PDF status report of your completed checklists by email by clicking the More button.

When finished, click Save.

Continue with other Areas-of-Inspection until completed.

When finished, click End Workday to save your status and logout.