Welcome to iCloudFIS. We’re excited to introduce you to the features and capabilities of our cloud-based, facilities inspection and management software.

Using our app, employees and inspectors will be able to quickly carry out inspection activities, report issues, and seek quick resolution.

Managers and supervisors will receive instant notification when there are issues, gain full visibility into the status of their facilities, and easily delegate tasks to employees and service providers.

CloudFIS works by putting your entire operation into the cloud – including maintenance tasks, inspections, scheduling, floor plans, and work orders.

Everything is available to view and manage in real-time through our app or web-based Customer Administration Portal.

Managers and supervisors can use the Customer Administration Portal to view the status of operations company-wide, by region, by building, or by floor with powerful data, analytics, and reports.

Inspection status and work orders are updated in real-time for instant awareness, and all activities are logged with a username, date, time, and location for maximum accountability.

Using the Administration Portal, you can also manage employee activities, assign tasks, oversee schedules, and delegate work to employees or service providers – from anywhere, at any time.

Employees and inspectors can use our mobile app to streamline their activities with convenient check lists of duties-to-perform and areas-to-inspect.

Our app makes inspections simple, fast, and easy with assets clearly marked on floor plans, consistent inspection schedules, and status buttons to quickly report an item’s condition or to request service.

When inspectors encounter an issue, they can capture notes, photos, videos, and GPS locations to share with management and service providers for full transparency, instant communication, and fast resolution.

We look forward to making your life easier and your workflow more efficient with iCloudFIS.