If you encounter an issue that isn’t in your regular list of inspections, you can report it by clicking the Wrench icon and selecting Create Work Order.

Tap the issue’s location on your floor plan.

Give the work order a clear title and description.

If it requires urgent attention, mark it as Critical.

Enter an email address to share with non-CloudFIS users.

Add photos and video to illustrate what’s wrong.

Depending upon the permissions of your account, you will see one or several options at the bottom of your screen. 

If you only see Save and Create will save the work order and notify an Administrator to take over, so that they can assign the task to the appropriate Employee or Service Provider.

If you are an employee with the authority to assign other employees or Service Providers to Work Orders, you’ll see a Delegate Assignment to Admin button.

  • If this button is off, you’ll have to choose another user or Service Provider by clicking Assign To before you can Save and Create the Work Order.
  • If this button is on, an administrator will be notified and asked to assign the Work Order. This is useful if you aren’t sure who it should be assigned to.

Assign To assigns the Work Order to another iCloudFIS User or directly to a Service Provider. 

Within Assign To, clicking CloudFIS User allows you to select from all of the users in your organization, or you can type their name to find them. They will receive a notification.

Service Provider allows you to send the issue directly to an external Service Provider by email with location on the floor plan, notes,, photos, and video.

Click Save and Create to finalize the Work Order.

Past Work Orders can be updated by tapping their icons on the floor plan in your recent Notifications..

The Info button displays a log of the user who created it, who it was assigned to, and the dates and times of all actions.

If the issue is resolved, tap Close to close out the Work Order.

If what you’ve done needs to be approved before the Work Order can be closed, tap Solve and an administrator will receive a notification to review, approve, and close.

When you tap Save and Update, every user who is monitoring this Work Order will receive a notification that it has been updated.