CloudFIS’s Customer Administration Portal allows you to view real-time inspection data and the status of your facilities from anywhere, at any time.

This is where you can gain visibility into your entire operation or focus on specific locations, employees, or issues.

Access the Customer Administration Portal from a web browser at admin.CloudFIS.netSelect Reports in the top navigation.

View it in the iCloudFIS mobile app by tapping on the menu button next to your username, selecting Reports Tool, and choosing Administration Report.

The Reports page provides access to the status of every inspection across your organization.

Select the Inspections you want to see and click Create Filter. This step is required. Click Execute Query to return results.

Use Filters to narrow what is displayed by location, user, status type, etc.

Status Type allows you to view just the inspections that have failed or need attention.

You can also use the Search Box to return results quickly, or limit results to specific Date Ranges.

Results include the inspection Name, Location, Status, and a record of the User who submitted it along with a Date and Time stamp.

Click Export To in order to create a PDF or CSV file for download or email.

Chart displays results in pie-chart form and, in the web interface, you can print or download from this screen.

Other data visualizations are available by switching to Dashboard.