Facility Management Software for All Industries

Forget trying to make legacy CMMS software work for you. iCloudFIS’s automated maintenance and inspection solution is tuned to give you exactly the features you need.

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LOrganizations large and small are using Archaio facilities management software to gain total visibility into real-time asset conditions and maintenance status. 37% Increased Employee Productivity.

Facility Management Software for Stadiums & Arenas

Facility managers and ownership groups of stadiums and arenas across the globe trust iCloudFIS with their inspections, reporting and maintenance scheduling. Why? Because iCloudFIS delivers a streamlined feature set, remarkable ease of use and dramatic process improvements to both iconic venues like Yankee Stadium, Staples Center and smaller regional venues.

Whether you’re hosting 100,000 or 1,000 guests, you need building management software that helps ensure all get to enjoy a pristine, safe facility. With iCloudFIS supercharging inspections and maintenance, your building is the star.

Mobile Maintenance Software for Retail Facilities

In the retail industry, margins are tight and staffs are busy. There’s no room for inefficient manual processes, bloated CMMS software suites or conditions that do anything other than thrill customers. That’s why retailers need iCloudFIS.

CloudFIS is a streamlined computerized maintenance management system that actually works for retailers. Automate inspections, instantly submit work orders, enjoy comprehensive reporting and spend your time thrilling buyers, rather than maintaining your space.

Automated, Centralized Property Management Software

Whether they’re managing one property or 100, property managers need a few things. They need a streamlined, centralized view of facility conditions. They need full visibility into the efforts and effectiveness of building management, employees and subcontractors. And they need it without IT hassles or undue expense.

Meet iCloudFIS, a streamlined facility management and inspection solution perfectly suited to meet the needs of property managers. With iCloudFIS, inspection data and work orders are sent from smart devices to a single cloud database, offering full, real-time visibility into everything that’s happening, portfolio-wide. Workers are held accountable, wasteful processes become a thing of the past and basic preventative maintenance becomes a simple task, rather than a drain on resources.

Maintenance & Work Order Software for the Hospitality Industry

Few facilities have more robust inspection needs than hotels, cruise ships, resorts and other sectors of the hospitality industry. From guest comfort and stay quality to life-safety equipment, checklists are huge, floorplans are daunting … and the stakes are high.

CloudFIS’s cloud-based maintenance management system is the ideal solution for keeping facilities safe and pristine. Equally suitable for large chains and boutique facilities, iCloudFIS automates the time-consuming manual tasks associated with inspections, work orders, maintenance and reporting, accelerating workflow and ensuring optimal guest experience.

What our customers are saying

“iCloudFIS gets us ahead of the game while gaining full accountability. The solution is phenomenal.”

Lonn Trost
New York Yankees

“Since we launched CloudFIS we have experienced about 35% increase in efficiency.”

Jason Krall
Fire Service Operations Manager

“We take extraordinary measures when it comes to safety and security at Yankee Stadium.”

Doug Behar
Vice President Stadium Operations
New York Yankees

“With iCloudFIS everything is reported in real time.”

Armen Dembekjian
Director of Operations
Staples Center