What Staples Center / Microsoft Theater / L.A. Live say of iCloudFIS

If you follow the news, you’ll know that Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live use iCloudFIS to change their facility inspections from a manual, paper and pen system to a digital, cloud based process.

Now, 6 months on, we thought we’d drop by and ask them what they think of iCloudFIS. Here, in their words, is how the iCloudFIS Inspection and Reporting Solution has improved the way they track the condition of their properties.

A special thanks to Staples Center / Microsoft Theater / L.A. Live team for making this happen


Video transcript

[00:05] Lee Zeidman, President, Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live: As I looked at the iCloudFIS cloud-based inspection and reporting software I knew that this was going to be something that we needed to look at here for Staples Center, L.A. Live and Microsoft Theater. We were pretty archaic to how we were doing inspections. Nothing really that would allow us to inspect before and after the over 1,500 annual events that we host here at Staples Center, Microsoft Theater, and the entire L.A. Live complex.

[00:42] Roy Judelson, Founder, iCloudFIS: Now with the iCloudFIS patented software, all the inspectors are walking around with their mobile devices or their iPad, reporting in real-time what the issues are.

[00:52] Jim Madsen, Vice President, L.A. Live Operations: The way that maintenance used to be done on the property, or on the checklist, is that you might have a piece of paper in your pocket or a pad, you’d write down what the issue was that you saw, send an email and hope that it gets to your engineer and he takes care of the issue.  With the iCloudFIS system, all you have to do is open up that application. You can take a picture with that application, you can go to the blueprint and the checklist that has established it for that location, answering what the problem is. Hit save. Send it off to your engineer. He’s now taking care of that problem. It is now archived so that you can go back, track history and understand what issues might have in your facility that before you might have lost.

[01:34] Armen Dembekjian, Director of Operations, Stapes Center: The operations team takes great pride in keeping the venue and making it look brand new every day before we open doors. With the iCloudFIS app, now everything is reported in real-time through the ipads, iphone and Android.

[01:47] Roy Judelson, Founder, iCloudFIS: Since the iCloudFIS solution has been implemented here at the L.A. Live complex we have been told that the work is so much more efficient because it’s inspected once, reported, and everybody knows what the findings are.

[02:00] Lee Zeidman, President, Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live: If we would have had this back in 1998 when we were actually building and constructing Staples Center I would have saved tremendous time and money and my walk-throughs, instead of taking days would have been completed within hours. I’m convinced every facility construction within AEG regardless of its age, shape, size, or use will benefit as much as we have as soon as they implement and adopt the iCloudFIS cloud-based inspection and reporting software.