What Barclays Center says about iCloudFIS

Two years ago iCloudFIS gained the iconic Barclays Center in Brooklyn as a client. Their maintenance and cleaning staff has since then used the iCloudFIS cloud-based inspection software solution to keep track of the condition and the operational processes of their arena.

Here is what they say about using iCloudFIS’s inspection software.

Video transcript:

Bruce Ratner (Executive VP & Director): “Barclays Center arena is located in downtown Brooklyn. It is a spectacular, iconic arena. The old world way of inspecting our arena would take 6 or 8 people walking around with pens and paper. iCloudFIS came to me. He [Roy Judelson, founder of iCloudFIS] said: “I have a cloud-based inspection system.”

[CloudFIS] is going to change in my view, the whole method of repairing buildings, inspecting buildings. I think it is just the beginning of the way in which that system can be used.