Today it was announced that STAPLES Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. LIVE  – which can accommodate tens of thousands of visitors and have a combined surface area well over five million square feet –  have adopted iCloudFIS’s solution to carry out asset inspections and facility management before and after every event.

At iCloudFIS we feel blessed to have such high-caliber customers who recognize the value of our product. For the iCloudFIS solution has been years in the making; this wasn’t an exercise of building technology for its own sake, or simply to ride yet another digitization wave. Rather, we built iCloudFIS to have a real, positive impact on our clients’ bottom line –from day 1.

Corporate leaders such as Lee Zeidman President, of STAPLES Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. LIVE recognize this: “It is continually our goal to find new ways to reduce costs, minimize liability and increase efficiency. With iCloudFIS we believe we have found that solution and are looking forward to implementing it into our venues and district.” he states.

While we are proud to count STAPLES Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. LIVE among iCloudFIS’s distinguished customers (such as Yankee Stadium, MetLife Stadium, Barclays Center, Twickenham Stadium through Compass Group, Ogden Realty, BMI Healthcare and Atlantic Bulk Carriers), we won’t stop there.

It is the priority is to help our customers improve the facility operations of today, but we’re also going to help them build the facility operations of tomorrow.

Do not doubt our ambitions. There is more to come very soon. Stay tuned.